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Max M4X WW

A few bits

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Happy new year, another month and another new car requiring a few bits.


1x     51168159695    ash tray insert
1x    61349316116    lighter blank
1x     63258375599    bulb socket
12x    51418201057    grille clips (how many??)
1x    51167141735    handle armrest
1x    61667006063    strainer


1x    51910302248    paint
1x    51112496285    m5 grille
1x    51148137275    525 badge
1x    51148108831    i badge


Can I have prices for the second lot please as I may not require these depending on what they cost!



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1x     51168159695    ash tray insert - £21.34 - AG order
1x    61349316116    lighter blank - £2.05
1x     63258375599    bulb socket - £8.29
25x    51418201057    grille clips - £8.38
1x    51167141735    handle armrest - £13.24
1x    61667006063    strainer - £3.24


1x    51910302248    paint - £21.58
1x    51112496285    m5 grille - £29.45 - need chassis number to order
1x    51148137275    525 badge - £28.43
1x    51148108831    i badge - £20.53


Ref number 28795

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So the revised total for the following will be £52.18 including vat and delivery


1 x 51168159695

1 x 61349316116

1 x 63258375599

12 x 51418201057

1 x 51167141735

1 x 61667006063


This price is valid for 7 days from today.


Payment Options:


For orders under £500.00 and if the delivery address is the same as the registered card address.


Call 01242 335365 with your card details and use customer reference 28795


For orders over £500.00 we will only accept either a bank transfer or payment by Paypal.


Paypal – partscheltenham@cotswoldgroup.com


Please send payment as a gift to friends and family with your customer reference and your delivery address in the notes section.


Bank Transfer – Sort Code 20-07-71 Account Number 40292230 with your customer reference in the notes section but please call or email us with your delivery address.


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