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New E28 Owner

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Hi Everyone!


My name is Brian and I am from Nairobi, Kenya.


I recently bought back my dads 1985 525i which has been sitting under a tree for the past 6 years.


I figured i'd join a UK forum as 525i were only made for the European Market plus it would be easier for me to buy parts from the UK and ship them to Kenya as opposed to any other market except maybe Dubai. So yeah, happy to be here and I know this will be a long and slow project being that I do not have too much money to blow on the car but I look forward to working on it and all the advice I can get from you guys.



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Welcome Brian,i,ve just seen your post in the projects section and all i can say is that your a very brave man,

Good Luck with the resto and keep posting updates,there,s plenty of knowledgable folks on here that will offer help and advice.

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