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Happy new year!

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To everyone on Forum5 

if you had a shit 2017, let's try and have a better 2018! 

If you had a great 2017, try and have the same in 2018! 


If you plan on going out to "celebrate" be careful as tonight seems to bring out all the crazies....


much love :D 

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Happy new year to all.

2017 was a good year for us at the Blobby household.


However 2018 hasn't got off to the best start, I contracted the deadliest of diseases yesterday afternoon (Man Flu) and my boy was driving down to Brighton at 2am to pick-up his pissed up mates when he hit a pothole in his Seat Leon puncturing the passenger side front, so he called me with advice on how to change it on the un-lit A27. I couldn't go and help cos i was still pissed and also felt like shit.. 


Luckily he managed to change to the spare and my Man Flu has dialled down to the bubonic plague so feel a lot better.


Anyways happy new year to all may we all be blessed with unclogged DPF's and a silent Vanos system

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