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Immobiliser Problem

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Hi everyone, 


hope someone can help with advice. I have recently bought a BMW 525D F10 2010 reg. it came with a key fob (see photos) recently, I have been having issues with the car starting up. You press the start/stop button and nothing happens with the engine and only turns the electrics on or off. Sometimes even the alarm goes off. 


Inside the cubby box under the steering wheel(see photos) is some light with a button on it. I think the key fob with the button on it is for this. Whenever I have this problem the light flashes. Not sure if this is a 2nd immobiliser? 


Has anyone come across this before? 

Is this a after marker immobiliser? 

Can I remove it? 

Can I disable the alarm? 


I spend about 5/10 minutes pressing the button on the key fob, eventually the red light stops flashing and allows me to start my car. On the display is says ‘ignition on’ sometimes when this problem occurs. No faults on the car showing.


any advice would be greatly welcomed and thanks for reading my post,








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Hi Owain.  I see no one has replied to your post.  Try asking in the relevant car section, a lot of folk don’t read this bit.

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