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Seat Heating Retrofit: Open Circuit

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Hello, I've installed e38 contours with factory heating, there are pin in 23 and 25, nothing in 24.

I've installed the wiring, there is power to pin 7, 21 and 23 at the switch centre.

I've checked the continuity between the two wires for each seat to the switch centre and there are no breaks.

I've checked to make sure that pins 23 and 25 and plugged in

On a diagnostics machine, it shows as the temperature sensor open circuit. I wanted to know how can I test the temperature sensor to make sure it is the problem?




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so between p3 and p1 of heat pad you should see a resisrence value  if none then pad is open curcit

and between 2 and 1 you should see a resistence value of anything between 5k and 20k i would think

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Is it common to have the connector for the heating element without the actual elements installed. I've found the yellow three pin connector going underneath the seat towards the back, and it is disconnected. There is no other plug coming down from the rear of the seat

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