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My 520d saloon the verdict

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Well I have had my BMW since June 17 and what do I think of bmw cars ...

How it looks - quite pleasing to look at.


Driving- It's a fairly good driving car 


Reliability- well apart from some headlight faults it's been good so far.


Interior / space

Very comfortable to sit in although bigger boot would suit me better, interior is good enough and well layed out.


But !! I do feel my last car ( Jag xf ) was better to drive and possibly better looking in my personal view.... apart from the poorly styled headlights. 



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I looked at the xf before my f11 and actually really liked it, my issue was I could only stretch to a pre facelift and the infotainment system was a little clunky. I also wanted a manual gearbox and that was never available.

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