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Northern irish 540

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After reading threw alot of posts in this forum about e39s, mostly about interiors i thought id join since ive got a bit of a project on atm. I was thinking of making a thread of my car .. work done work to do sorta thing.. is that what u guys do here?

Heres my montreal blue 540i 



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Sorry guys i only seen your replies today!

Thanks for your interest and compliments 

Ive been spending too much time on the american forums lol

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On 27/11/2017 at 12:52 PM, NWJW said:

 Also, how did you go about routing the exhaust on the drivers side? I only ask as I may be picking up a set of M5 bumpers soon.


My exhuast looks a bit like this


But its rotten and needs replaced 

So in planning on removing the back box and replacing with stainless steel pipes


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After reading liam97's interior transformation thread it makes mine look crap lol

So my car started out with electric memory comforts sand beige which is very dated in 2017 


So i finally found my favourite interior off all time... nappa champagne <3 .. maybe its walknappa not sure but, its amazingly soft and pretty rare

Back seats are in ok condition but the rest is pretty poor unfortunatly. I was pricing around to see what it would cost to fully refurb them but it seems to be a few hundred per seat!! So i plan on attempting re dying. The door handles on the door cards are also leather 

My biggest concern is the drivers seat as its all folded and wrinkled as you can see in the pics

Anyway ill worry about that when i finish the installation 20171208_192126.thumb.jpg.ccc0ea34eff0edab3153924cadf01968.jpg20171209_135454.thumb.jpg.f6d8749cdb89d053c844a17daec22834.jpg20171209_155720.thumb.jpg.e204a0aef881d607d7480eae5dc5dc05.jpg20171220_225501.thumb.jpg.13b5cf154b04edd348e7aa630fa124c7.jpg20171220_221515.thumb.jpg.47b2af22607ca2858595e62abe252703.jpg20171222_175938.thumb.jpg.7b020761e22308ce2f19bf858731b859.jpg

new m stitched steering wheel installed and chrome clock rings 



still alot of work to do 

need to..

Wire in the heating feature of the seats

Refurb seats

Refurb door cards

Install black roof cloth to match my freshly dyed black parcel shelf!


And most importantly find a leather center consol to dye champagne

Id like a leather lower and upper dash but ill settle for just the consol.. for now lol 

Ive been searching ebay and theres one for £250 but thats way over budget :s for a student running a v8 :o






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