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What are you currently drinking...?

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@Yokozuna - where are you flower? Been quiet on this thread :P :lol: 


My brother & I are currently half way though a bottle of Chivas Regal 18 year old :mrgreen:

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6 minutes ago, duncan-uk said:

Probabaky sulking in the tub after yesterday :P

Shut up! Knober.....


Dan, if I was to continue on this thread not only would it be about 14 thousand pages long, it would put me in the rehab clinic...


was out with wifey on Friday, drank at least 15 pints! More like 20ish.... I woke up drunk on Saturday......

then last night it was just a case of Heineken whilst watching a good team compete along side a great team but being let down by 1 player! 

And today just a couple of pints of bud! 

Im getting pissed off with bud now! As they are down to 4.5%! 

They used to be 5% then dropped it to 4.8% to get away with the tax hike on “stronger” alcoholic drinks and now you may as well drink water.....


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