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The G-Man

E30 M-tec Front Seats Into an E28.

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Hello All,


Does anybody know exactly what's involved in getting a pair of E30 M-tec Front seats to fit in an E28?


I've previously heard rumours about being able to swap over seat rails etc. How feasible is this and how much work is involved? Is cutting and welding of rails etc required? 


If there is anybody on here who has already done this,  or knows of a link to a previous post about it, it would be great to get more details from you. 


Thanks in advance!

The G-Man. 

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I fitted E12 and E30 seats to my E28's but used comfort frames.


I used 50mm X 5mm galv flat bar mark it down the centre of the length 25mm either side and drilled holes in it one side to match the pitch of the holes on the base of the seat.  Bolt the plates  to the bottom of the seat but off set them wider, place the frame on the the base mark out the holes from the frame onto the flat bar and drill and tap so that you can bolt the frame on. The plastic side covers of the comfort frame fit back on nicely as well


You can dress the bar and paint at your convenience, I,m picking the donkey up this weekend I can take a picture if you want. 

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