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E34 525i Shock Absorbers + Springs & Top Mounts

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I have recently upgraded my front/rear suspension to a full Bilstein B12 kit, so everything that was originally on the car is now for sale. I also made a mistake of buying wrong top mounts, which are suitable only for normal suspension, NOT sport, so they are also for sale, along with new front spring cups and spring pads, various new washers/nuts and brand-new front Sachs dust covers and bump stops.


The full list of items for sale is as below with their part numbers:


x2 Used front shock absorbers made by Boge: 834903003128

x2 Used front springs - not sure what make they are, most likely genuine BMW


x2 New front top mounts made by Bilstein, including new nuts - 12-248605 (OEM part number: 31331139452) - these are suitable for the above shocks

x1 New Sachs front dust cover kit, includes front shock absorber dust covers and bump stops - 900 004


x2 New BMW front shock absorber top nuts - 31321139422

x2 New BMW front washers for the top nuts - 07119905829

x2 New BMW front washers that go under the top mounts - 31331110196

x2 New BMW front washers that sit between the top mounts and the spring cups - 31336776760

x2 New BMW front spring cups - 31331128524

x2 New BMW front upper spring pads - 31331128523

x2 Used BMW front lower spring pads

x2 New BMW front spacers, these are the first thing to go on the shocks - 31321129977


x2 Genuine used BMW rear shock absorbers (made by BOGE), complete with springs, top mounts and all the hardware - 33521135860


I don't have new top mounts for the rear shocks, as the ones that I bought matched my car, so we got them fitted with the new suspension. However, I would advise buying new top mounts for the rear before you fit the shocks. Also the bump stops on the rear have split, so ideally you'll also need new bump stops for the rear.


Overall, the shocks and springs were in good condition before we removed them, but obviously keep in mind that they are probably 20+ years old, so don't expect Ferrari-like handling. However, if you need something soft and comfortable to waft you along, then these will do the job fine.


They were removed from my 1992 E34 525i, so please make sure they fit your car before you commit to buy.


The BMW bits along with the top mounts cost me £100+, so if I get £150 for the whole lot, then I'll be happy with that.


Due to size and weight, this will have to be a collection-only from west London, but if you pay the asking price, then I could probably deliver them to you, assuming you are not too far away from London.


PM me, if interested.


Thanks for looking.

















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Let me do some research.

I know that E34 components will bolt straight onto an E28, so if this fits an E24 then I may be interested. How many miles did they have on them, please?

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