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Anyone using ISTA-D with K+Dcan getting KL15\30 detection?

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As per the title, I have ISTA+ installed, it does work in a fashion as it scans the car and show fault codes, it doesn't see KL15\30 in the upper right hand corner though.

Due to this when it wants the ignition turned off to finish clearing fault codes it sits there (you can just unplug it at this stage and they will clear but this is a workaround)


The issue is when trying to force a DPF regen, I assume the ignition detections the issue as it never seems to set the regen flag?


Wondering if anyone has a working ISTA version along with said K+Dcan cable that shows ignition detection? (KL15\30)

If so what version? :)




*edit, so the issue isn't with the DPF not seeming to regen, it turns out as I am a muppet (hence my name) and didn't fully understand ISTA, now I watched a video of the newer version I figured out how to read current DPF back pressure, cars done nearly 100k, has 60k left on the DPF and is returning respectable back pressure levels, 0mb at idle, 19 at 2k and 60 at 3.8k, not sure what the gen2 mini D should be but a 318 e91 I found on a random forum states


Idle max reading 65mbar
2000rpm max reading 150mbar
4000rpm (max stationary rpm) max reading 250mbar


And on that note I am happy that her car is ok and also happy that when I go test drive a 535d I will be capable of checking these things!

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Sounds like a COM problem.

Open ''Device manager'' check if the port number is the same as listed in ISTA's settings.

so if you have a ''COM port 4'' listed in device manager whenever you have the cable plugged in, make sure it says the same in the ISTA configuration/settings pages or re-read the instructions carefully, maybe you missed a step...

This used to be a common cause of INPA  or ISTA/D/P not working as the COM port numbers did't matched.

I hope it helps...

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