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Hi im new.......

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Hi, Im Gav 35 from Leyland Lancashire,

As a job I work as a Hgv1 driver whichI love and been doing for 4 years now.

Been an Audi driver for best part of 5 years which you can see from pictures attached, but decided it was time to invest in a diesel and something a bit more comfortable and economical as I travel alot of miles. So 3 weeks ago I decided to invest in a 530d e60 Msport, and WOW what a motor, talk about falling in love lol.

Currently getting 40mpg which is mint for a 3litre, and another plus is the fact that im allowed to fuel up at work and because my boss runs 20 wagons and buys diesel in bulk im getting it at the minute for 96pence per litre, saving 25p ish per litre, how mintis that.

Best decision i did buying my new 5series.

The car only has 64,000 and has full BMW history so is in really good shape.

Last BMW I owned was a 323 e46 going back about 8 years but didnt really enjoy much hence why I bought the Audi, looking back though I wish i had bought this 5series sooner haha.

Anyway, be great getting to know you guys and share knowledge.

P.S And if anyone knows someone looking for a nice Audi a4 thats had £1000's spent on and is pretty much a show car, then i still have it up for sale.





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Hi Gavin, welcome to the forum! Nice car you have there, I am sure not many left with mileage like yours! Looks like she is in very good condition! Also good choise on 3.0ltr engine, it's fantastic! Any pictures of the interior?

I see you stick to similar colours when buying cars! :)

One more, I wish I was getting my diesel for 96pence! :)


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Welcome to the forum Gavin,your new e60 looks a good one,Audi looks well too,

There,s a few HGV drivers on here,have a look in the picture section at the truck pics when you have a minute.

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Hi Gavin. Welcome.  Being partial to trucks and living in Leyland, you will be familiar with the Leyland Transport Museum. Visited a couple of years back, really enjoyed it.

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Hi Gav and welcome, you have nice looking motor. I am paying just a little less then you as our Sainsburys is £1.09.7 and claiming the vat I am paying  £00.91p

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