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Changed Runflats for Mitchelin Cross Climates

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I have just changed my Pirelli P7 Cinturato 225/55 R17 run flats for four Michelin CrossClimates. Total price fitted and balanced by a mobile van at my home was £594.80 (ordered from Blackcircles.Com).


When the guy was changing the tyres, I mentioned that the TPMS valves would need to be kept to operate with the new tyres. He told me that there was nothing like that fitted in my wheels and that on my model car the TPMS was inbuilt in the suspension system

- a flat tyre would show up as a loss in wheel height = low tyre pressure etc. He showed me a valve he had just removed from one of my wheel and it was a standard tyre valve. 


When he left I reset my TPMS system on the iDrive and all has been well since.


Can anyone confirm that this is correct? I have had no faults or problems since this was done on 16 October 2017.


I will post an update on the new tyres once I give them a good test. So far - so good.  CrossClimates rolling resistance = B  Wet  Braking = A  Noise =   69db    :    Pirelli run flats  rolling resistance = E  Wet  Braking = B    Noise =  71db


They seem nice and quiet and are a better looking tyre - roll on the snow!!!! (But just enough for a quick test please).


My car is a 2010 BMW F10 528iSE 3Litre 6 cylinder normally aspirated. Production date 07/2010.



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Hi guys.

I think I may have found the answer. My car uses the ABS sensors at each wheel to note any rotational difference in each wheel to determine any difference measured against the setting once you initialise the system from the iDrive.

Obvious - initicon22.gif

On my 'other BMW' A 2008 BMW R1200GSA the batteries have gone flat in the sensors in both wheels - meaning wheels out, tyres off, TPM sensors cut open, new batteries inserted, re-seal the tpms, refit the tyres, re-balance the wheels, refit the wheels, clean the bike, re-set the computer, and its all done. I have had the bike since new, so I suppose it's not too bad?

Cheers all.

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Correct you have the poor mans version of TPMS.

Which makes the assumption that if a wheel is rotating faster than the others it might be under pressure/deflating.


When I bought my winter wheels and tyres from Mr Winter wheels they installed the wrong sensors which was bloody annoying!





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Had my CrossClimate+ fitted today - 225 55 17 on 236s. So far the difference coming off the Police runflat setup is huge. OK, they're new tyres, but the ride is just so much smoother, the handling was good, now it's a dream, and they're so quiet by comparison.

Can't wait to get back to Germany and check them out in the higher speed ranges.

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On 11/9/2017 at 11:30 PM, Matthew Ashton said:


Nope, don't exist for ours.

Yep, but I think 19's are planned next year now they have refined the compound.

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Well back here in Germany and I'm very happy on these new Mickie's. After a couple of hours in damp France, Belgium and Holland generally between 100 - 130, had them up to the 240kph mark sustained for around 10 mins, then down around the 130-180 range for around 2 hours and they've behaved beautifully. Massive difference against the police Goodyear/Dunlop rft setup and really made it easier to concentrate on the drive.

As the temperature continues to drop I'm feeling confident these CrossClimate+ will continue to perform well.

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Update after just a month with my Michelin CrossClimates.

I am glad I had them fitted as the days are now below 7 degrees C and lower.

They are slightly quieter than my worn Pirelli P7 Cinturato 225/55 R17 run flats.

They are sure footed in the wet and give confidence.

Handling is fine and I prefer the look of these tyres to the Pirelli. These have a nice tread pattern.

I had to effect an emergency stop when a number of deer ran Kamikazi out of the forest across my path. 

I think an approaching car tried to give me a warning flash but instead just put his main beams straight in my eyes and left them there - bless him.

It was very very close but full ABS activation and very good response from these new tyres helped to avoid the worse. I think I stopped about a foot short of contact.

Thank god the deer run in a very straight line across the front of me and not into me. Beautiful creatures. I would hate to hurt them or my beautiful car!!!


Will post an update again if we have snow.


By the way - I have purchased 4 snow socks for my F10 528i at a BRILLIANT price. I have never used snow socks yet as it has never snowed for me since I have been prepared and

carried them with me for the last 5 years or so.


Details of my Ebay purchased snow socks here. The cost of four = £28  YES £28 FOR FOUR!


Delivered 17 Nov 2017
Parcel was handed to resident.
Sold by: ABC PARTS
Eligible for return until 31 Jan 2018
Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars   2 customer reviews
Best Sellers Rank 15,307 in Automotive (See top 100)
Buy it again

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Had them on the wife's car for 6 months now and they are ok, I have abused the fuck out of them for the fun of it though. The CC+ they just released are longer lasting fortunately so I will be sticking a pair of those on the the energy savers on the back are about on the TWL.

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I would not have bought the snow socks now that I have the CrossClimates, but the socks were SO CHEAP I couldn't not buy them.


Anyway, I collect snow socks. I have bought them for my last two cars as well as the BMW - and it has NEVER SNOWED ON ME SINCE!:rolleyes:


I'm waiting for a snow blizzard to strike and a national shortage of snow socks - then I'll sell, sell, sell!:lol:

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