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Captain Beaky

IMPORTANT - What do your kids know !

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If you have a young family then you must read this!  I am truly worried about what kids do in school.


I work for a leisure trust and the majority of the employees still come to work on their skateboards and wear their caps back to front,


Today I was genuinely asked if an electric car could be taken to a car wash, I kid you not!


So this got me thinking of all the other stupid questions i've been asked and I got to share them 


Top 5

1. Do bears live in Scotland

2. Where can I get American Euros

3. Do I add water to my butternut squash soup 

4. Is Iceland in Europe

5. Is red tack stronger than blue tack 


If you disagree with my ratings then chip in, but seriously if your kids have an Xbox take the fuse out and give them a book you'll thank me.


Then just to test the water when I got home i asked the wife if she would take an electric car to a car wash and she said NO! you have to wash it carefully, i,m back on top of the stupid wife board this week,

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If you think that was worth posting on a UK forum then you are a plonker.

Everyone knows the average yank is a tad backward in the worldly and general knowledge arena.


If you yourself are a yank then obviously you now need to look up the meaning of plonker.

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1 hour ago, healeyneil said:

That's a bit harsh !


Don't worry everyone has an opinion, some are just not worth listening to.


who's a Yank? I know a few and they are extremely Knowledgeable


 Is worth posting? yes it is because it's funny but when you spend time working and training these youngsters you realise some of them genuinely don't know and they also find it funny  but they are better people for the learning.










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