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My Stage 2 535D

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14 minutes ago, wakey said:

V Nice


What mods does it have to the drivetrain? 

It's a software calibration from Ecotune. Dynoed 377hp and 489 ft/lbs IMG_1801.thumb.JPG.1b0ce5e27b6ca5f54fad26b6c4448b4c.JPG


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Well my girlfriend is needing a shoulder op soon so thought I’d be nice and lend her my car to commute to work since it’s an auto. Never ever ever again. This is the state of it after her driving it for 3 days! 3 DAYS!!! Looks like she’s been off roading in it and chewed both the passenger side wheels. FML. £280 for a wheel refurb now. How the hell does this happen in 3 days.  



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