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New brake pipes fitted

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So having had my second e39 baseline inspected shortly after it was bought earlier this year the pipes were flagged as a need to do now issue.


Had them done and for posterity kept the old ones. 


Having examined them I have to confess that I was shocked at their condition. The sections around the rear diff area were especially bad and in some points the corrosion had substantially thinned the wall of the pipe.


The runs went straight from the rear and followed the correct path into the joint rear of the osf wheel. 


Rear axle was dropped for access so not something that I would feel brave enough to do at home.


Feel better now it's been done and no risk of catastrophic brake failure.


Russ at Dm worx in stoke mandeville did mine and he takes a lot of pride in his pipes as can be seen in his nut and bolt rebuilt e36 m3 evo coupe. I'm quite fussy but having seen how he painstakingly formed the pipe (not pure copper) even I was impressed


If your pipes have been advised during an mot might be worth getting them looked at very closely whilst the car is on a ramp!


Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of the new ones in situ




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Did you go copper or copper nickel on yours??


I need to do mine but sounds like an expensive job if you are going to drop the rear diff & do it properly.


Can you tell me what sort of cost I can expect to pay.






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I remember these from all my e36's. Sitting at the MOT station going 'not the pipes, not the pipes, not the pipes'. :)


I'm sure most people would give BMW the £10 it would add, to use copper-nickel from the bloody factory.

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Had mine done earlier this year too, I don't think they were quite as bad as yours but they were starting to go and I suspect that they will progress quite rapidly after a small bubble has formed.


Exhaust, rear sub frame, heat shields and fuel tank were all taken off, but I had the entire underside Epoxied at the same time.

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copper nickel here.... good shout on getting the underside prepped and treated. the sills around jacking point on mine were not looking too happy


in terms of cost i would budget for around 5 hours labour.... it could take less but i was very happy with the quality of the work and peace of mind

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