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Xtrons headunits - talk to me bout them

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So been having a look on youtube at the steps to change the speaker system in the e39 as they need beefing up. And came across the Xtrons headunits. They look smart, but anyone on here got any experience with them?


Worth a look at? If so, is there a particular version to go for?

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Cheers bigrigbri I'll pass on that one then. Sound quality is something I am trying to improve at the moment, hate the idea of maybe needing to replace it due to the unit failing or because its crap quality. Any ideas when it comes to double din units?

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Have a look at the Android head units posting further down in this section.There is a lot of information there. I fitted the Xtrons PF139BS to my E39 at a cost of £189. It is an extremely nice fit in the facia and the sound is better than the original BMW unit it replaced. I replaced the supplied Kudos maps with an IGO version. A lot of people will be happy with this unit for the money but naturally you can spend much more and get a better sound. With hindsight I wish I had known about the full Android 7.1 units that you can get for another £40 see for example 


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Having used one (Xtrons PF7539BAP) for a year the simple answer is don't waste the time and money unless you're on a tight budget and don't care for quality.


Boot time is slow. FM reception is very poor. RCA are low voltage. I would question the quality of the DAC. Limited audio settings.  Apps including GPS are too slow to start and use that render them useless.


You could spend 300 on the faster model and the dab option but don't.


Simple solution is to buy a double din fascia and fit a decent stereo.  I've just bought a Kenwood DMX7017DABS which has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It's fairly new and has won some awards. Boots quick, has 4v RCAs, DAB, Android Auto is excellent for Music/Nav/Phone, supports FLAC for good audio, Android Auto uses USB audio for quality and rear camera support which I'm just about to test.  I bought the Connect2 fascia and a windscreen dab aerial.  Kenwood was £360 from Halfords with 10% British Cycling discount.


See it fitted here in a Alpine 5er http://kenwoodblog.co.uk/?p=3683









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That... As I said to you @*jimmyj* I discounted the shitty chinese Xtrons units and similar straight away; too many crappy stories about them not being very good and lasting about a year, if you're lucky


I did the above idea, just more simply by going single DIN with a Bluetooth Kenwood head unit, as not bothered with maps as I've CoPilot on both my Nexus 6P and Pixel XL. Just wanted decent sound, decent functionality/usability and full Bluetooth hands free / music playback etc.


I fitted this:








I was lucky as I managed to get an OEM single DIN fascia from @DennisCooper - they're fairly rare from what I've seen!

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There's lots of threads on this and all the other BMW forums about the cheap chinese head units. If you wish to take the gamble on one, I wish you good luck !


I'd also recommend a head unit from a high quality and reputable and established brand such as Alpine, Pioneer, Parrot, Alpine, JVC, Sony etc. When it comes specifically to E39's then the issue of double DIN head unit's that have a disk mechanism internally becomes apparent. The cars airbox prevents such head units from sitting 'further back' so as they are flush with the dash contours. In the link to the Kenwood above, you can see the top front edge 'sticks out' as the rear lower edge has been 'raised' (via the fitting kit used) to clear the top front edge of the airbox. It's possible to modify the airbox to create the space, but it's expensive to have done professionally and correctly and then to buy the £150'ish fitting kit/fascia. 


Alpine have the iLX-700 and Parrot have the Asteroid Smart head units and each of these are shallow depth meaning you can have them fit flush and not have to modify the airbox etc. I used the Asteroid Smart in my car and it looks like this;






A much better look in terms of being flush with the dash shape/contours!


Also, within the aftermarket, there's more choices for when it comes to integration/fitting and using high quality brand's products, so could well be things in the pipeline for them! you'll not find that with low grade chinese units.


Edit - As for the OEM BMW single din conversion piece, those things are ULTRA RARE to find nowadays! they're discontinued and no longer available from BMW dealers, and I've only ever had/sold 3 of them over the last 5+ years! Dan took the last one I had a few months ago !


Cheers, Dennis!

Edited by DennisCooper

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