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David Adeniran Yesufu

BMW 09 1 series

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I just bought this BMW 09 1 series. 58,000 miles £6200
And honestly, apart from what sound sounds like a coin somewhere in the vehicle sliding somewhere in the car when I do a harsh stop or fast go. The Car is perfect.

It's my first car and really wanted heated seats and parking sensors, So when I found a car in my city, with both a colour I liked and in my price range, I jumped at it! The fan works from hot to cold, breaks, suspention, clutch.. I even checked the radio, it works. I did ALL The checks, but didn't check if my phone works with the interface. As I said it was my first car, so even tho I went through all the used car buying guidlines I saw online, I knew I'd miss something. 

First 2 days I was so paranoid listening to the engine I didn't care to play music. After 2 days feeling more comfortable with the car and allowing my car guru buddies to give the car the AOK. I decided to start adjusting the car to fit me. BOOM. No usb. Naively I got a USB carport thinking it will some how be able to read my phone through that. NOPE. Theres an AUX jack and in my defence I saw that and thought the radio works, and theres an AUX Jack, if the car isnt smart, worst comes to worst I'll just plug in the AUX. Plugged in the AUX... Nothing. Looking online there should be an AUX tab that you select when using the AUX... My car doesn't have it. Just Tuner, CD, and USB.


As you can see in the photo's in the arm rest there is some really old looking connector, looking online I can't figure out what this is.


The Fact that it says USB is giving me hope... but there is no port sooo?

What do I do?




WhatsApp Image 2017-10-12 at 12.38.46.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-12 at 12.38.47.jpeg

car 2.jpeg

car 1.jpeg

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Do look at aftermarket integration options from the likes of Connects2, Dension, GROM. These will add functionality to your existing setup. You don't say if you are in the UK in your profile, assuming you are, look at the Four Masters network - http://www.fourmasterscaraudio.co.uk/ these are independent dealers around the UK who are at the best level of knowledge and expertise. Speak to some of their dealers to get more information on your setup and options you have.


Cheers, Dennis!

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I've just replaced the bmw Business radio with a Pioneer Bluetooth hu on the wife's 1er.  For £100 ive got USB, Bluetooth phone, iPhone /Android direct connectivity inc Spotify native control, DAB etc. and vastly better basic sound quality and adjustability. 

Additional install cost for a DAB aerial, fascia and fm fakra aerial adapter, steering wheel&reverse interface (ebay used) were around £50 on top. 

Now why cant bmw sort Spotty integrating on iDrive with Android....

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Ps you likely only have a single underfloor midbass unit under the passenger seat.


We got hold of a spare drivers side central bass unit (as its called) and had a drop in 8" Audio System AX 08 mk2 woofer fitted driven be a small amp using the Pioneers subout RCAs. Difference incredible and the pioneer offers massive adjustability of filters and eqs to tune the sound. 

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