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Lights on 'buzzer' - upgrade?

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Because my car is not fitted with the OBC / Check Control that you see in higher versions, I don't get the nice, subtle 'bong' when I leave the lights on.  I get a loud buzzer which is very unbecoming of a car which carries a prestige badge.


I am going to be installing an OBC, and I could fit a gong speaker at the same time.  Would this then work with the car?


If not, can anyone tell me where this buzzer is, so I can subdue it a bit?

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1 minute ago, duncan-uk said:

This is the car you're just going to enjoy right? :lol:



Emm..... yes, well.....


I have the lower dash in bits now, and have discovered that there is more wiring there than I first thought - so seeing as how I'm fitting a facelift wood interior anyway, I thought I'd get it looking as good as possible!!


I hadn't even planned to replace the interior panels, but two of the door cards had vinyl lifting issues, and one was broken completely.  Matching these might have been possible eventually, but the chances are that in the end, they would all succumb to the same issues.  So - now that it isn't going to be remaining standard after all, I might as well indulge myself!  I'm keeping the anthracite cloth though.  Firstly because I like it, and secondly because replacing the back ones would be tricky, as they are the fold down type, and finding a replacement for that in leather might involve a time jump.

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try this site for retrofit information:




lots of useful stuff on there - I fitted OBC to my 525 1992.  you need a few bits and bobs - indicator stalk, exterior temp sensor, gong, etc...

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