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E39 M5 Individual

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From what i've being told about 4starclassics is that their more of a car broker i.e they sell of behalf of a private clients, than an car dealer. Also as other posts have pointed out there seems to be a few issues with this E39 M5 which for the price their asking for it is shocking in my opinion, for that money i'd be expecting it to be mint with zero issues.

Issues i've spotted with it are :

Front & Rear bumpers are misaligned,
What looks to be a small rust patch on the N/S/F wing,
The edges of the doors also look to have paint chips,
Front has some stonechips that have been touched up and other stonechips which haven't.
Mismatched tyres Front to Rear,
The bumper & door trim also looks to have faded (Looks like they've covered it in trim restorer for the pictures)
N/S/R door trim look to have a stonechip,
Interior armrest handle scratched,
Coolant expansion tank discoloured,
Inner arch lining bolts are rusted,

Brake discs look to be in need of replacement (No doubt the pads would need replacing aswell),
Brake calipers are in bad condition (Heavily rusted),
Lower drivers seat trim is scratched,
And one of my pet hates - its got rusty wheel bolts/nuts.

Also in my opinion it hasn't got a best spec either as its missing :

Full extended leather option,
Alcantara roof lining option,

Which for the price they want i'd want the above options.

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I was offered £21k for my car, but in the end had a change of heart and couldn’t sell it. It has 78k on the clock and is modified. Brakes, Headers and suspension. Full BM main dealer hx. Modified cars will attract buyers at premium prices as long as they are sensitively modified/updated.


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