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The Darkbmwlord and his E39 on a shoestring...

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 Also, on topic, if you shop around for parts and know how to use a spanner then an e39 isn't the most expensive car to keep on the road I find. 

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On 12/10/2017 at 1:29 PM, Darkbmwlord said:

Well, the Darkbmwlord started his car today for the first time since returning from a 600 mile trip. It has been standing for 3 days.


And surprise surprise! Instead of the usual monetary tapping, presumably while the oil fills something, there was just smooth running!


I wonder if it enjoyed the motorway blast, and if it's made some sort of difference?:)

A good run/blast occasionally certainly won't do it any harm.


If I don't use mine for a few weeks I'll take it down a couple of junctions on the M23 from Gatwick to get all the innards flowing nice and hot again and to charge the battery. Usually a 30 mile round trip. Much better for it han driving it two miles down the road and back.


Then I'll park it up again if I can't see me needing it for a while!

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The Darkbmwlord smites again!


Not fancying the prospect of another motorway journey on 11 year old cracked rear tyres,  so back to the friendly tyre fitter for 2 new black circular things, at £54 each fitted and balanced. 


Well I told you I was on a budget...:blink:


They also took the front ones off and re balanced them in the hope it would cure a shudder at speed. The result?


Much more stability, and the shudder seemed gone on a short run home! Woo hoo! 


The car is improving with every repair and tweek, and so far costs have been manageable. I could have done without new tyres but hey ho...


There is certainly a weakness in the offside rear suspension on tight corners, with more heeling over than there should be - replacement strut? Well not after the nightmare at the front!:angry:


But I can live with that at present, the car is driving smoothly and quietly. And it hasn't broken down for a week!


The saga continues....:D


P.S - what is this wire thingy circled?




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Cause I'm a turnip...

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Looks to me like a pad wear sensor and it's just been held there


Where does the other end lead?!

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23 minutes ago, Darkbmwlord said:

Could that be the cause of the trio of orange warning  lights permanently illuminated?:huh:


Erm yup

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