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Deposit on engine...

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looking at a photo of my engine, (cant physically see as away working!) I noticed a strange substance next to the oil filler cap. Has anyone got a clue.? I’ll be driving straight back to the dealership when I get back from work in 2 weeks!



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9 hours ago, sshooie said:

Clean it off and monitor it. I wouldn't be concerned.




If it re-appears then investigate.


Looks to me more like dried on coolant.  It dries white and can leave a powdery looking residue.  Coolant could had dribbled off a container being used to top up the expansion tank.  Is the coolant expansion tank near to the oil filler cap?  It wasn't far on my E60.


Another look at the photo and perhaps its simply a bit of corrosion on the chain cover part of the cylinder head cover?  Whilst not ideal, its nothing to worry about except if you like pristine engine bays.




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