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Swirl Flap Blanks - Free*

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Just done my Swirl Flaps. Bought the 22mm and 33mm sizes as couldn't be sure which size I required. 


I now have a set of 6 X8R 22mm blanking plates that I don't require. 




Rather than return these for a refund I'll post these to a fellow forum member for free on the proviso that once you've removed your flaps you update this thread and list the size you didn't require for free also. 



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1 hour ago, RightHandGoose said:

Hello there......I'll take them and have the flaps opened up on my very recent purchase and update this thread....I'm in East Lothian and work in Edinburgh..Cheers


Great.  I'll send you a PM to arrange delivery.

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Right that's the car been checked...Just had my E61 525 2007/06 Facelift Touring 3.0 manifold off and no flaps. Engine is M57N2     www.bmwheaven.com/database/show.php?id=700.So these 22mm flaps are still going free to anyone. Postage will be paid by me as per previous agreement on this thread. realoem.com should now give people the answer to whether or not the car needs them and 'the size I think'. Hope Xk8 ebay are happy to take them back with the gaskets too. Thanks Medev for pushing me on to check this.

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