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Captain Beaky

New Addition to the Family

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Hello my name is Captain Beaky. I am a self confessed BMW addict and a weak man.


Meet my latest Baby an E30 type R





 She,s a little rough around the edges and needs someone who is sympathetic to fettle her and just add some finesse to the job, so i couldn't  help myself.


The missus (Her in Knickers) thinks differently and says I need to grow up and I can't drive them all !! but I'm sure if i try really hard enough I can.


Anyway this is the best bit, if you are a purist look away now or hit Esc



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I'll just ignore the blasphemy that is the ricer lump, and enjoy the fact you have an E30.



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2 hours ago, d_a_n1979 said:

Very nice and a cracking engine swap ;)8) 



Get it up to a good spec, interior needs overhaul, nasty vibration  somewhere, move servo and drive it with a smile :-)

1 hour ago, Loadmaster said:

Wow nice, where's the E39 530 gone?

Still here, its a bit embarrassing now, neighbours must think its a BMW club, wot with a 530d 530d touring and the 535 se


1 hour ago, Mojo Jojo said:

That's a very shiny plenum. I bet an sr20 in a e30 is a riot, what power is it making?

Its got all the right bits to make 400, T2871r turbo, Nismo 555 injectors, Z32 Maf, Horsham stage 3 ecu, Welbro 350 pump, driftworks plenum, Greedy pro 3 boost control, uprated coil packs. According to Horsham anything between 340 and 400 depending on the boost setting.

Its bloody fast


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