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Nearside road noise

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At 70-80mph my F11 touring has quite a bit of road noise.   Until they wear out I'm still using run flats, so a bit of  road noise is to be expected 

Going around a long right hander the noise reduces; going around a lefthander and the noise increases.  . . and the difference between a right and left hand bend is very noticeable.
The noise is definitely coming from the nearside, and I think is from the front, but difficult to be 100% sure.
Below 70-80 the differences are less noticeable, but there none the less.
I've had a reputable tyre company check out the tyres, then swap them round, with no change.  
When the wheels were off they checked the hub for any sign of slack, but reported none.
Could it be a wheel bearing? Or could there be another cause? 
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Yeah, classic symptoms of a knackered wheel bearing. The damaged ones rumble more when loaded up going round the opposite hand of bend and quieten up going round same hand of bend as the load comes off.


The F10 bearing looks far easier to change than the E60 one. You don't need to take the strut off. Just brakes and then it's four spline bolts and off it comes.


You won't feel any slack in the bearings as they tend to get noisy far in advance of play being detected. When my nearside front bearing went on my E60, there was no slack but once the brakes were stripped off you could feel turning the hub that it was graunchy and not smooth. New bearing in and the car was silent.

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