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New E61 530i M Sport owner

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Hi everyone thought I’d share with you my new interest in my first BMW.


i owned a Skoda Octavia Vrs diesel for 5 years until id coded to cut my losses and sell it on due to my low mileage, regular dpf lights on dash and several other costs involved to keep the car in good condition. It was a great car to own and nice to look at. I hurriedly bought a 2009 VW Passat in its place with a 1.8Tsi engine and DSG auto box. It was very nice and smooth d I’ve conpared to the Skoda but it was majorly lacking in road presence and the boot albeit large was difficult to fit stuff in due to being a saloon. Hence my Tourer now. I saw this E61 up for sale and messaged the guy asking about a swap and after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing we settled that our cars were of similar value and my car was what he was looking for and vice versa. So a straight swap ensued! 


Althogh the BMW was older with  more miles I felt it drove better and would cover everything I needed and wanted from a car at this stage in our lives (twin newborns!)


So pictures to follow, there are a couple little things to sort out, blower motor makes a horrrible noise, m sport kickplates are completely rotten through and a couple of trims internally could do with being replaced due to wear and tear. The exterior paintwork and underbody are in excellent condition, I can’t get over how smooth and glossy this paintwork is after all these years. Only problem area is the front bumper looks like it has had a rattle can spray job and doesn’t sit flush with wings.

Engine and gearbox are super smooth and quiet, serviced very 7-8k miles so happy it will run for a good while longer.


lookong forward to hearing from other e61 owners





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