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E34 got a bit of TLC today

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We got a nice day up here today, so I thought I'd make the most of it and clean up the new addition to the family.


The car will get a proper detail and some paint correction, but I'm going to leave that until the spring. So today, it got a wash, deep clean, clay ( I hate that job) and a couple of coats of Gold Class.


The only things I did inside was replace the sticker, add a Forum sticker, replace the sunroof switch ( it now illuminates) and put some new mats in.



Comes up quite well I think!





































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Get a projects or picture thread going; this will get lost in 'ere ;) 


So jealous; lovely car and at a lovely price an'all! :mrgreen:


Might have to look out for one come the New Year now that I've jacked in my CRX build (couldn't find a shell good enough to take seam welding without having to replace more or less every panel :lol:

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Where did you get your forum sticker from if you don't mind me asking, would love one!


Funny - I got a couple recently from Sandip via the forum shop - but this one is actually one of the original ones I got from Donut. I found it in a drawer.

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Looks rather better. I don't 'do' car cleaning! Number plates look great.


I kept the Cooper Reading one for posterity, but I had to change them. I just got them made up with the BMW UK Bracknell details, in the pre 2001 style.


The car's a good one Andy, just as you said - solid as a rock, and the paint is better with fewer imperfections than the 1995 one I had before. Well worth the trip south!


New bonnet struts arrived this afternoon too

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