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Fun with fault codes

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Well after some grovelling, I discovered my car does indeed have an OBD socket, as well as a round thingy under the bonnet. Rejoice! (I could have saved myself buying an adaptor for the round thingy under the bonnet if I'd realised...)


So, using a free app on my phone called TorquePro, and a Bluetooth ELM327 obd plugin wizardry, my phone showed me stored faults as per the picture. And the power of Google whisked me up a list of alleged code meanings. If correct, this is what was stored:


P0101 - multiple misfires 

P0300 - mass airflow values implausible

P0304 - cylinder 4 misfire

P0306 - cylinder 6 misfire

P0170 - fuel trim

P0173 - fuel trim

P1250 - I couldn't find anything listed 


Multiple misfires? I didn't need a code reader to tell me that...:angry: So, my questions:


Do these look authentic codes?

What is "fuel trim"?

What is 01250?

Why are no codes showing up for the abs - the dash is like Blackpool Illuminations with brake warning lights?


The MAF sensor looks fairly new to me, and I would say it's not a genuine part. But it must be doing something because the engine  runs poorly when it's disconnected.


I've cleared all the stored faults and will see if any more develop, but ant thoughts on the above would be greatly appreciated!






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Ok, replacement coil packs results in better drive, with smoooooth running, and better power delivery - previously there was sometimes a big lag before anything happened resulting in jerky progress. The coils were all Bosch by the way, and the replacements are the same.




...it still runs poorly when warming up, with idle sometimes rising/falling by 500rpm, and hesitant acceleration.


I'm still getting codes P1250 and P0170 + P0173 "fuel trim". 


I'd be grateful for any suggestions - maf sensor? The current one is an unbranded one, with no markings on it at all. I'm having trouble searching for the correct part number because Realoem shows one with the wrong connection for my car - mine has a square 3 pin plug, not a round 4 pin.


P.S - P1250 seems to be fuel pressure regulator, so I'll look for one of those too. 


Technical experts, I now to your wisdom...

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