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Kitted 525dSE 2002 Manual

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Selling my car lads.

Colour is unusual:

 TITAN GRAU (titan grey)


its a kitted SE. 

everything 'sport' retro fitted with genuine parts. Everything except sport suspension. 

Interior is obviously m5 caramel heritage. Recently refurbished my myself to a high standard. 


At at this present time. I'm not keen on selling the interior separately. 


E38 7 series front armrest fitted.

No gizmos in this armrest. Just the stand non phone, but opening &  sliding one. 

Black leather. 


Car was originally a uk car. Imported by older gentleman in 2006. 


I've had it 2 years. 


Mileage is 208,000. Miles. 


I'm in Ireland,  Co. Mayo. 


Can pick anyone up from Ireland West Knock airport. It's only a few minutes away. Just give me a day or two notice if you're travelling. 


Plenty of cities served to and from Knock Airport. 








East Midlands









London Gatwick



London Luton



London Stansted







Here's the ad on donedeal

(Irish equivalent of gumtree etc.)




Asking ofice is 2850. EURO. 

Or nearest offer. 

What's app is best for me 


thanks for looking. 







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Cheers fellas. 

Still for sale. No one has looked at it yet. Few calls and messages alright. Replaced front exhaust flexi pipes during the week and have rhs engine mount to go in today. Lemforder. It’s sorted then. 

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13 hours ago, Cribert said:

That is stunning! Mileage is a put off but still a beauty 


Meh; it's hardly run in ;) 

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It's a beautiful looking car, but at that price it's £2500 Stirling and thats before you fuel it and ferry it back and take time off to fetch it back. High mileage and non automatic heating. Think you're going to struggle to get someone to buy this from the UK.


Good luck with it, it looks really really nice.

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The other day a friend of mine had a car (‘87 Merc 300d) brought from Birmingham To within a few miles of me for 400 pounds sterling. Bloke lives here. Can’t see why he wouldn’t bring a car like this the other way. So that’s the pain and time of driving it back sorted. I’m seriously tempted to keep her and run out the tax on her. And then sell the interior to claw a few quid back. Already Turned down €700 (euro) for the interior alone, twice. It would hurt the Sale chances too much to offer the car without it while it’s still taxed etc. you can’t recoup road tax over here like you can in the UK (unless you scrap it and get an ‘end of life cert’) And this thing is €1080 to tax for a year in Ireland.

( A 530d is €1494 to tax annually.)


The lack of rust on her is a big plus to any Uk buyer. It’s been here in Ireland for 11 of its 15 years. (Reg date Dec 2002). Rust free UK e39’s are getting scarce nowadays.


Price is high yes. But No one said it wasn’t negotiable. The car isn’t mint either. It looks great in the pictures. Few marks here and there. Also the Wheels ideally need a refurb to freshen them up. 


I’ll happily drive it through the winter. It’s so reliable,comfortable  and decent on fuel if you go easy. 


All the best. 


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