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Best way of damping exhaust noise

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Recently fitted my new cast iron manifold, cat bypass pipe and midsection, and due to fit a DPF bypass shortly.


I've now noticed that I'm getting a different metallic vibration type noise at around 3K RPM when under hard acceleration although at cruising speed the exhaust has a lovely non-intrusive rumble.


What's the best method of damping this metallic noise?  I've noticed that the OE back boxes have various tuned vibration absorbers, although there is nothing on the OE pipework as such.


I'll try and get some video/sound footage tomorrow...



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11 hours ago, Mashed Potatoes said:

If you're putting a DPF delete pipe on, wait until you've fitted that before you make any more adjustments because that WILL change the exhaust sound. 


Oh indeed, and I've also discovered I have another exhaust leak post DPF somewhere, so might just go the whole hog and replace it from the DPF backwards.

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