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Paul Rolfe

E61 535d LCi advice sought

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Hi everyone, I've had my 2007 E61 535d LCi for just over a year, had a few teething problems when I got it but have sorted most of them  along with some preventative measures (glow pugs and relay, thermostats replaced, tailgate wiring repair, swirl flap removal transmission service)

When I bought the car the plan was to put a straight through exhaust get a remap and enjoy miles of happy motoring, but........yesterday my other half got home from work and said a "Particle filter" message has come up :(

Now what I'm thinking is....

Get an exhaust made, then have DPF and EGR delete and a remap.

The car is used daily for my other half's commute (around 15mile round trip) and my 30mile round trip so I am worried that if I fit a new DPF it will just block up again. 

Any thoughts or advice appreciated. :P

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How many miles are on it?


Removing the DPF will definitely stop those issues, but it depends how concerned you are in getting it through an MOT in future etc or if they're chased more for having DPFs removed. 360BHP on a stage 1 or 400BHP on a stage 2 is perfectly possible. But I wouldn't do a stage 2 on a high mileage car.


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It has 101k miles with FSH, I'm not after mega performance just a little more poke really, I want to keep the torque converter and gearbox for as long as I can :D. I guess I would worry about the MOT when the time comes. I am happy to fit another DPF but I dont want to be in the same position a few months down the line, and if I have it mapped out wont that mean it will get blocked anyway but I just wont be told by the car?

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