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Kit's E34 535i

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4 hours ago, stevenc3828 said:

I’m pretty sure the white bump stops are meant to be the other way up...

Really? Is there a way to tell? There is writting on them which the way I have is upside down (I think, will need to check), but I thought it was this was as if they were the other way they wouldn't fit under the sleeves as there is a lip on them? I could be massivley wrong which is the most likely case! The only way to describe the way I have them is that the majority of the material is pointing downwards and covered by the black sleeve. TBH if I do have it wrong thanks for pointing it out as it is easily changed as they are not on the car yet. My brother had a look at them and he is my mechanical car guru and didn't notice anything wrong or dangerous, but then again I am not sure he would notice a sublte difference like that.


@Sandip @The Flying Banana can you not show those pictures to my brother, he thinks it should be slammed on its ass with the biggest wheels I can find! I agree, it does look very nice with the larger wheels and if I wasn't going OEM+ looking on it I so would have done it. Saying that I could be tempted with a set of 18" Syle 32's for my M140i.

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Drove it for the first time in about a month yesterday. Fired up first time and ran spot on. Oh how I missed it! Only went to get some fuel as I’m using it Christmas Day. It makes the M140i daily I have seem a little boring. And it was more economical on that tank of fuel than the M140i last week, managed to get 28mpg out of a tank. It helped that it was mainly motorway miles tough. 

It is one last trip this week then it’s major work time, I am so excited for the new suspension. 

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