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Try your best not to laugh

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Brilliant! I looked up his other vids on his utube channel and the guy is a legend imho. It can't be easy living with a disorder like that and I think he deals with his Tourettes admirably. I don't know if many people would be able to cope with it as well as he can and still have a sense of humour after all said and done.


In his exact words and I quote;


" It's either sit down and cry or get up and laugh. I got dealt with shit cards, and I'm dealing with them".


What a fantastic attitude to have and he truly is an amazing person and many people would do well to take a page out of his book.


Great kid and wish him the best B)

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I seen him for the first time last night on flights from hell or something like that (it was on itv I think?) an he was saying when he travels its a nightmare as he continually shouts BOMB and I'm a terrorist! :lol: 


You're spot on, he's a cracking lad! 


BTW it was coincidental that I seen that show last night and then that vid popped up on my recommended list on you tube

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