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Any BBS Split Rim Gurus About?

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I'm just currently having a set of BBS RC090 wheels refurbished. The bolts are pretty shot after taking them apart so I sourced some new ones - or so I thought. I did find some proper ones on eBay but after messaging the seller 4 times I got no reply so I didn't really want to send them my money after that! So I settled on a set that claimed to be for these wheels. The original ones are tapered with splines. These 2nd choice new ones have no splines and aren't tapered. The seller claims to be an engineer and is upset at my questioning of his item. Basically, the bolts don't quite fill the rim hole and can be wobbled about a little. He says they are ok to use as the clamping force on applying the nut is enough to keep all ok. They are 2 piece rims. Can anybody enlighten me if these are safe to use or not ? I'm not too confident and have told him that but he refuses to give me my money back. Guess where they're from..........will I ever learn ! 

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Yes the proper bolts should have the splines in them


However unlike the BBS RS wheel they are not used to seal the wheel - they only hold on the piece that attaches to the rim


So in essence you could get away with bolts that don't have the spline on them. But I wouldn't be too happy with them if they are moving about as you have described


Non spline bolts tend to go for £120 give or take


However you'll probably pay twice that for the proper spline bolts

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My style 5s have non-splined replacement bolts fitted and have been like that for a fair while.  I have bought a set of the real ones, but they were expensive, as per above. 


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