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Breaking BMW 525e (Red) plus other spares

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After 7 or so years of procrastinating, I’ve decided it’s time to break my 1985 525e. Rot on the front left chassis rail is pretty extensive and I don’t really have the facilities or space to get the car stripped enough to carry out a proper repair.


Anyway, here’s an approximate parts list as the car stands. I do have quite a few other spares too, if you read down you’ll see I have another interior (standard type), so there are enough bits to make a complete good interior set.


Some stuff is sold or on reserve already, I’ve listed them but struck through, marked as sold. If any of the reserved stuff falls through I will amend the listing as appropriate.


Prices are a guide if anything, I am open to offers. Postage is additional, although I welcome collection in person if it suits you better. Location is Stoke on Trent/M6 J15.


I am more than happy to take a bid on the complete car, or all the spares, or the whole lot. I need it gone, and it would be a shame to end up scrapping the stuff that doesn't sell.


Anything you want off the car that I haven't listed, just ask me 'cos I probably haven't even thought about it.


Red 525e auto 1985 (complete car, more or less)


            Partly stripped

            Front valance missing

            Front left chassis rail serious rot

            Both cills need patching

            Front footwells on both side need patching, left worse than right

            Driver’s wing needs minor patching to inner drain rail where it meets the upper inner wing plus a few bubbles in places

            Rear driver’s side wheel arch rusted, needs welding. Also got damage from where bumper was removed

            Rear passenger side wheel arch pretty solid, other than damage caused by removal of rear bumper with grinder (needs a little welding)

            Passenger side wing is solid £50

            Sunroof doesn’t (didn’t) leak, and worked when it was parked up

            Driver’s door is badly rusted on the frame – probably not repairable

            Other three doors are all fine £75 each

            2 x electric mirrors - £50 each

            Dash top is perfect – no cracks £200

            Gear lever mechanism is missing Sold  

4 x 13 inch BBS alloys complete with centre caps and removal tool £40 each Could use a refurb as they’ve been painted in the past and while it’s not a bad job, it doesn’t look OEM.

            Boot toolkit only has allen key, 21mm box spanner and handle

            Left rear lamp has rusty rear electrical circuit, might repair

            Right rear lamp good

            One foglight good, one has reasonable plastic outer but glass is cracked and the reflector has rusted away.

            Boot seals were leaking from what I recall

            Rubber boot spoiler has seen better days. Bit perished, now removed and in boot

            Interior complete, although mostly stripped. Driver’s seat in poor condition (at least, the seat fabric is wrecked, frame is ok), rear seat base or back also has tear. Driver’s internal door capping needs replacing Priced as combined with the spare set (see spares below)

            Non-matching spare wheel and tyre.

            Front bumper solid (needs rechroming ideally) £100

            Rear bumper centre section solid, sides rusted through. Possibly repairable but would need a skilled metalworker to do it, and really it’d need converting to shadow chrome  Sold

            Brand new, although fitted to car, bonnet struts £25 the set

            Battery was new about 4 years ago, car has never been used with it fitted.

            No wiper arms   Sold

            2.7 Long stroke engine £300

            Auto Gearbox – was working before car was parked - £140

            Bosch Motronic ECU - £50

            Boot carpet set - SOLD



Spares for 525e

            Complete new (pattern) exhaust system. About 7 years old, so some surface rust. Might not have all the clamps. £150 (original cost was, I think, about £280)

            Complete spare interior, including door rubbers. Has some fabric damage to two seats, but different ones to the ones in the car, so there’s enough to make a good set of seats. Door cappings are brown (rather than black like the car ones), so will need painting to match. Includes seat belts, sun visors (brown), gear surround. Total for both interiors £200

            Set of 4 steel wheels with plain style hubcaps. At least one of the wheels is badly rusted, would not recommend using it on the road. £40 for the hubcaps, free wheels

            Spare steering column £25

            Spare auto gearbox with torque convertor. Missing selector cable £100

            Silver bonnet – minor dent and rust scab, should repair, doesn’t need welding. Sold

            Silver driver’s door with glass – good condition Sold

            Bronze driver’s door with glass and mirror – condition not so great, needs a couple of patches welding in. Not too serious though. £50 (probably worth this just for the mirror)

            Set of rear lamps in chrome. Reasonable condition, missing one lamp holder and a 21w bulb £100 the pair

            Dash top – this one is cracked in at least one place from what I remember - £50?

            Set of front indicators. £25 for pair

            Set of front foglights. SOLD

            Fog lamp switch £5

            Brand new fuel filter £10?

            Brand new cam belt kit with idler/tensioner wheel £25

            Brand new radiator fan viscous coupling £20

            Almost complete boot toolkit (exc allen key) – reasonable condition, slight signs of rust £25

            2 x 12-13 mm spanner (marked W. Germany) – good condition £3

            8-10 mm spanner (marked W. Germany) – good condition £3

            17-19 mm spanner (marked W.Germany) – good condition £3

            Allen Key/Hub Cap remover – good condition £3

            Pipe wrench – good condition £3

            21 mm box spanner – good condition £3

            16 mm box spanner – good condition £3

            10-11mm box spanner – good condition £3

            Handle for box spanners £3

            Double ended box spanners £3

            Random other bits and pieces


Spares for M535i

            Speedo/Clocks £100

            Radiator £100

            Limited Slip Differential - Sold

            Front/Rear fog light switch £25

            On Board Computer £40

            Brand new rear disk backing plates £25

            Front grille and headlamps (with ‘M’ badge) £100

            Pair of rear lamps in shadow chrome. Ok condition, shadow chrome area could use refurbing £120 for the pair

            Rear suspension – arms, hubs, drive shafts, calipers, prop shaft, brake shoes, anti-roll bar (no springs/dampers) £100

            Bosch ABS ECU £25

            Washer bottle and motor - Sold



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Not far from me,i,m in Trentham.

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