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E39 M5 Options List!!

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Just seen this....the photos of the interior aren't great but the tone of the advert is superb!...END OF.


All options fitted 'BAR NONE'. is one heck of a claim!


So - I'm wondering how the seller would respond to a detailed enquiry as to which options the car really has?


Alcantara Roof Lining?

Double Glazing - yes

Side Blinds?

Leather Glovebox?

Leather door cards?

Rear Blind?


I'm no expert myself - what are the REALLY niche options that went into very few cars???



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I'd like to see some proper interior pics....


Also I wonder if it has :

Voice control ? 

Climate comfort windscreen with graduated tint?

Extended leather?
Ski bag?
Active seats?

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Why is it coming with 20 litres of oil? Has it got a major leak? Or are they talking about the oil in the engine an gear box?? :lol: 

and end of what exactly? The world? The line? Humanity? 


What a gobshite! 


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What a totally craptastic advert!   no detail on the condition of the engine and detail of what has been done to maintain it what with those £8K of receipts ! No interior photo's either. I'd hazard a guess some of the 'bids' are from his mates! if not, then those who are bidding haven't really got a clue about buying and running an M5!


Monte Carlo Blue!?..   so it's been resprayed then!


Let's see what the final bid price is!


Cheers, Dennis!

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Why would someone go through the cost of 6 Insp 2 services...?


Really seems like he's to trying oversell the car... at 140k mileage you'd have expected it to have had 2 Insp 2 services...


27 Oil services lol again huge overkill...


No mention of Insp 1 services... realistically you'd have expected it to have 2-3 completed.


Would be interesting reading to see the service book as well as the receipts for £8k ...




I would like to see a replacement clutch, water pump, viscous fan, diff seals done as well as vanos solenoids for starters..add in chain guides and tensioners and he's not got to have much change from the £8k to do a suspension refresh... 

LOL so quite a bold statement to make I guess...


Edit - forgot the MAFs, O2 and CPS sensors...

Edited by Seesure

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