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I'm planning to install RDC and the cables still have plugs on so I'm wondering how easy these are gonna be to thread from the dash through the firewall. I've seen where the cabling goes from passenger and driver side into the engine bay but there doesn't seem to be much space to force a plug through......any tips?



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OK, so maybe someone has managed to feed a wire through this grommet into the ebox under the cabin filter in the engine bay?



What's the chance of forcing this connector through there?



I'm guessing it's a no so suppose I'll have to cut the cable and solder it back in the engine bay unless there's another route I can use?


Any advice appreciated as I think I'm getting in a bit deep!








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You'll never get that connector housing through the boots on each side of the E-box. At least not without a serious risk of damaging existing wires & perhaps the boot too.


You could probably remove the terminals from the connector housing, tape them into a tight/small bundle (I'd SWAG 5 mm diameter would be max possible) and pull them though the existing boots, then re-install the terminals into the housing. See pages 8 & 9 of the attached pdf for the method that worked for me.




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Thanks chaps, I actually needed to get the wiring into the each front wheel well and found the route used for the side repeater wiring was ideal. Still took some effort to get the plug through the grommets but have managed it



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