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hippie dave

I'm out from under my rock with a new project.

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Long time no post, hope we are all well.


This should keep me busy for a bit. Its "only" a 2.8 auto but its a late shadowline car, fairly complete, and upon close inspection, doesn't have any rust worth worrying about. It was begging to be saved......



The E28 meanwhile, is performing sterling service. Now lives under cover and only comes out to play on sunny days. Last year I repaired the dreaded rear subframe mounts and drove her to france and back.

Updates on the E24 as I get stuck in...


All the best, Dave

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Welcome back Dave - glad to hear the e28 is going well!


Good luck with the 6 sounds intresting - do give it a good once over though as they like to rot worse than the e28 i believe - especially front wings which are made from platinum judging by the cost!

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Cheers Duncan. The rear jacking points need a bit of patching, but this is no worse than any E28 I've worked on.


The front wings by the indicators are bubbling slightly but I think I could repair them with some thoughtful tig welding and panel beating. Been there before when I hit that deer in the E28! The NSR corner has taken a knock which has smashed the tail light but this happened fairly recently, so the damaged bodywork hasn't had chance to deteriorate.


It was laid up around 12 years ago with a gearbox fault, and was stored outside for a brief period before some kids put bricks through the side windows (I'm collecting a new pair of complete doors tomorrow). It was then pushed inside to the back of a unit where it sat until January this year, when it was put out in a yard. Whilst in the yard, a van clipped it hence the broken tail light and about two months ago the windscreen got smashed. That's a mixed blessing- there were some tiny rust bubbles under the seal that will respond well to a quick blast with a dremel and some kurust.


As a result, the interior is not a pretty sight but the bodywork is more than serviceable (its normally the other way round!). The engine turns freely on a spanner.


I think the above was reflected in what I paid for it though.


The interior might clean up but if anyone knows of a sensibly priced (entire) replacement from a rusty car, cloth or leather, I'd love to hear from them!

Also required are propshaft, NSR tail light, front windscreen, and bonnet badge.


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Well, Saturday we safely recovered it back to my Shed.


The Keys are unfortunately lost in the ether- we had to dismantle the steering column and turn the shaft with a pair of mole grips to keep it in a straight line moving on and off the transporter!



But we got there in the end and the stripdown has begun. A dirty, messy job! Three buckets of stagnant water and counting came out of that vacuum cleaner! I stripped out the interior and dashboard on one of my E28's before, and its surprisingly easier without the windscreen in the way. Truly a blessing in disguise!



The front seats are the worst part. That drivers bolster has broken down like soggy cardboard and will need replacing, but the rest might be serviceable. If anyone has a pair in this pattern they are willing to sell, please get in touch!



So Far, so Good!



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Dash be gone! Removal is surprisingly straightforward without the windscreen in the way.


I spent a considerable amount of time in the week trying to remove the heater box, before realising that you have to attack it from the engine bay!

All the soundproofing is out and I think henry the trusty vacuum cleaner can breathe a sigh of relief.

Also horrid 90's immobiliser be gone...


And wiring neatly soldered back together.


The keys are still missing, and I cant figure out a method of removing that steering lock without going medieval on it.

It looks like a replacement column is on the cards.


Bye for now, Dave

Edited by hippie dave

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These responded well to some carpet shampoo. still a bit to do on them though, the first of many many components!large.20771647_1640908995959435_116058994_o.jpg.12abd462a5aecf5dc3388c3ea0b2f532.jpg

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Hi Dave, Nice project, Love E24's and keen to see what it takes to get one back up to scratch. 

Re the key, can't you apply for the V5 and go via BMW to save butchering/ changing all the locks?

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Ive got the V5 in my name now, that all went smoothly. My question is, what happened to the old keys. I did think of just getting another from BMW, but the old ones were probably taken when it was vandalised and I'm not massively comfortable with the fact they're probably "floating around" somewhere!

If I knew that they were at the bottom of the Thames or something It wouldn't be such an issue, but the last thing I want is for some spotty teenager to recognise the car and try the key.


The garage have had a really good look round for them but to no avail unfortunately.


The only other alternative is to get a new one form BM and then fit separate deadlocks or something.

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Just out of curiosity can't you get the locks re barreled with new different keys?

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So, Progress on this is as follows.


Locks - I have gone very medieval on the column lock indeed, and the beautiful M-sport steering wheel has been successfully removed in one piece. large.DSC_1723.JPG.2a710cdacf64e47c50ae4774424c9dbc.JPG


Basically, having dug around on Realoem, the lock situation is thus. E24's, E28's, and E30's all share the same type of steering lock and column. E23s and E12s have a different, earlier type. 

E23 and E24 door locks are of exactly the same type. 

E24 lock sets did not change between the start and end of production between early and late cars. HENCE- an E24 lock set is on the way from Mr Tim. 


The interior components are being refurbished in earnest. The carpet responded very well indeed to a pressure wash, shampoo and stiff brush:



My mate and co-owner Luke has made a start on the interior components, of which there are three boxes-



And these are next. Like the carpet before I cleaned it, almost too nasty to show before 9pm. I am going to replace the back-boards, and put the material through the washing machine. Then onto the seats... 



Since I was last regularly active on this site, dedicated "6 series" and "project" forums have sprung forth and I have only just realised. Mods, please move this thread if you wish.


Ta Ta for now,


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Doorcards complete. Not too bad for a man with zero qualifications in upholstery. 


I bought a big sheet of 1/8" hardboard from B&Q, and a couple of metres of polyester wadding from a local upholstery shop (Masons of Abingdon - 01235 520165)


I used the old, warped and water damaged door card back boards to mark out the new board, which I then cut out on a bandsaw and neatened up with a file and sandpaper. I then used a holesaw in a drill and a plasterboard saw to cut out the window winder blank and the door handle respectively.



I cleaned the old cloth material with a pressure washer while it was still attached to the old doorcards. I then carefully removed all the staples, and put it through the washing machine at 40 degrees. It came up better than I expected. 

Then I used a craft type stapler to put the whole thing together, incorporating new wadding. I don't know that it was up to the job- it was constantly jamming and/or breaking the staples but we got there eventually.

Its quite a fiddly job to get right. You have to stretch the material correctly and straight, otherwise it will show up in the check pattern!  



Next stop- SEATS. 


Bye for now, I'm off to wales to go and watch Rally GB. 

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More upholstery!!!! 


Just seats and dashboard to do, then thats the interior DONE :D


One of the bolsters on each front seat needs replacing. I have access to a sewing machine, so now that I've got them apart I intend to buy some material and give those repairs a go myself. 


I'll do a write-up on how to dismantle these sports seats in the E28 section when I get a moment, too. 


In other news, it has dawned on me that I have been sitting on that there motorbike making "broom broom" noises for nearly four damn years now. I've finished hunting down and stockpiling the parts to get it going again, the tank and panels are going off for paint next payday, and I plan on riding it down to the new forest for the beaulieau autojumble this May. 19 weeks. Watch this space!!

Edited by hippie dave

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I've stockpiled oil, filters, hoses, plugs etc, and That'll be a Job for the spring when I can spend a bit longer at a time in the barn - Which is absolutely freezing!


I had to get the interior out of the car to get it dry, and thought I may as well get it done over the winter back at home due to the aforementioned conditions, thus hopefully saving a bit of time later on. 

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Three cars, Two Jobs, one motorcycle restoration, and one house move later and I've finally picked up the spanners on this again. 


New windscreen in, also new door glass and locks re-barrelled both sides:



Fuel tank out and lines inspected and blown through. It all looks good under here!




The car used to have a tow bar fitted. This could explain why the autobox got cooked.  


M30 banjo-bolts!! We meet again!!



We now also have a Replacement gearbox complete with spare engine, just in case!!


Next weekends plan:

Finish off screen by fitting expander strip 

"hot wire" each electric window in turn, then Source and fit doorcard membrane.

clean and paint brake and fuel lines, Re fit tank and get the car back down on the deck.

Get the front up in the air, drop the sump and put some fresh oil in it

Re fit refurbished heater box and fill the engine with coolant.


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