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Automatic transmission swap

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Screenshot_20170723-114512.pngHi, I've shared 1 

Any one know if this automatic transmission will fit my car picture is from real oem site both boxs are 530d 6hp-28 my cars a 2009 and box a want to buy is 2008 mine is highlighted in red and box am buying is yellow 

Thanks mark 

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THEORETICALLY,  as long as the box code, 1068 0XX XXX matches your gearbox, then it should be the same programming inside the mechatronics unit, and will allow for a straight swap from car to car. If these numbers are different then you will definitely not be able to use this box. Also you say they both are 6hp28, but the image shows 6HP26Z?


I say theoretically as we have tried this before, and have had some success with swapping boxes, but we have also had a lot of failures which ends up becoming a money pit as you keep buying second hand boxes that do not fit. You must make sure the box codes are the same, as this signifies the engine, programming and type of ZF6HP26 gearbox.



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Yeah both ga6hp26z but have 6hp-28 on side of boxs above is mine on real oem the box i circled in yellow superseded the box i have in my car now. 

The mechatronics unit from my original box is going to be used in new box as its coded to my car thanks mark 

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