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Alright fellas,our Bullmastiff Harty has been diagnosed with high protein and possible kidney failure which understandably has left us heartbroken,

He,s currently in the vets on a drip for 36hrs to flush any toxins out of his system before he has another blood test to determine for sure the next step in his treatment.

One thing for sure is that his diet is going have to change drastically with low to nil protein foods,his vet has already advised us on renal biscuits and mixers he can have along with pasta and vegetables,

Can anyone advise us with ideas on suitable foods or meals with a bit of variety please.

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This sounds like no fun for the dog or for you. My sister's Labrador retriever had a number of health problems which were attributed to a diet that was too high in protein. Long story short, she bought this book and adapted the dog's diet and it solved the problem. Worth a read perhaps?



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Large and giant breed dogs are very susceptible to excessive protein, in Great Danes it manifests itself in a horrible thing called 'bloat' which can actually kill if not sorted immediately. The BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet is designed to utilise only proteins that the dog (or cat) would encounter naturally and avoids the side effects of processed food as found in the majority of commercial pet food.


Well worth reading up on and wishing your boy a speedy recovery!

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