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BMW 330d driver side auto tilt

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Hi Guys.  I have recently become the owner of a 2012 bmw 330d.  I'm having some issues with the driver side wing mirror when reversing the car.  The auto tilt doesnt seem to kick in when changing into reverse.  The passenger side mirror works fine with no issues, and the switch for the door mirrors is slid toward the driver side.  Additionally the functionality of adjusting the mirror works correctly.  Just seems to be the auto tilt


Hoping for some thoughts/suggestions?

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I assume the 330d mirrors would work the same as my 530d and as far as I am aware the driver side is not meant to auto dip as that kerb is right next to you and should be easy to see when the mirror is set correctly without dipping.


Whereas with the passenger side being on the other side of the car your visibility is worse and so the auto dipping assists with that problem.

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