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What's being worked on today?

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2006 BMW 118D - 127BHP standard.


Harper Motorsport hybrid turbo @ 1.9bar


Stage 3 tuning + EGR deactivation + launch control


I think my favourite parts of this car are the tow bar and the little standard down-turned exhaust! It really pulls well too!


Now producing over 220BHP - video to follow but for now, a little teaser of the launch control testing.


To everyone that has sent me PMs over the past couple of days, I WILL get back to you, I'm just running out of hours in the day at the moment!









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New ways to get in touch! There's now new ways to get in touch with us outside office hours!


Aside from our office line listed on our website, you can also now contact us the following ways:


Mobile - 07384 468 908 (this will be available until 7pm)

Whatsapp - 07384 468 908 (available until 7pm but messages will be answered after if we're available)

BBM - HarperMS (as above)

email - sales@harpermotorsport.co.uk (we will get back to you within 24 hours of your enquiry)


You can also follow us on Instagram (account setup done today so I'll be uploading over the next few days playing catchup!) - https://www.instagram.com/harpermotorsport/



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Epic thread bump.


It's been a busy month! Jake had more work done to his car in the hopes of getting into Drift Cup, but unfortunately didn't quite score highly enough despite driving incredibly well, the standard of entry was VERY high. The car will be back to us for some more upgrades in the handling and maybe speed department once the budget allows. For a 16 year old he will outdrive most people - he's fearless. For people interested in following him he can be found on Instagram as jakelynch_drift.






We've had numerous parts in and out, Powerflex and SuperPro bushes, HardRace suspension arms (some more of which are due in next week), some more forum members have been through and we've had some more unusual cars in for us. For example this Audi S5 with decats and AMG style burble on the overrun. 






We've had some cars in for xHP gearbox maps too! Like this 525D.






And a customer sent me this rolling road graph after asking us to tune their car on a local rolling road. We know what our figures will produce, but sometimes people like to see what the car will do for themselves. In this instance the customer paid for before and after rolling road runs. 258BHP/560Nm is the standard figure. The car rolled at 252BHP/552Nm. About right, and this was on a V Tech dyno which is known to be accurate. Tuned on a stage 1 made 320BHP and 704Nm. We usually underquote our figures (mainly because it's better from our perspective to slightly 'undervalue' our product and if a customer does stick their car on a rolling road and it makes more, it's all good. It's not always good if it works the other way if we claim our actual figures! We generally quote 300BHP/650Nm on our website for these but they routinely make around 320BHP and anywhere between 690-710Nm. 





And we've also had some ECUs in by post. These two have been in for immobilizer disable!




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We get asked an awful lot of questions regarding economy increases in tuned engines. More specifically diesels doing big mileage, so I've got some information from a car taken at random from the car park, and worked out some sums on it after chatting to the owner.


The car in question is a long wheel base Jaguar XJ. 2015 reg with the 3.0 diesel engine. Now remaps can have a big effect on fuel economy. Depending on how they're driven, for better or for worse. If you're using all of your new extra power post remap, you won't see the increase. When driven sensibly, for long distance cruising for example, you should do.


This car does a lot of miles, the owner works for a printing company and the car spends a lot of its life on the motorway. He estimates around 40,000 miles per year.


So 40,000 miles, at an average of 45MPG with the average diesel price around here being 131.9ppl works out at £5330 per year in fuel, or just over £440 per month.


A stage 1 remap when driven sensibly in a diesel generally causes around a 10-15% decrease in fuel consumption. This is a big heavy car that spends lots of its life cruising, so we'll go with an in the middle figure at 12% saving. This takes the average consumption to 50.4MPG. If we work that out again, that same 40,000 miles post remap will come in at £4758 or a fraction over £396 per month. A saving of £572 over the year, or the best part of £50 per month. The remap can be programmed through the OBD port, so would cost the customer £276 inc. VAT.


In just over 5 months the remap will have paid for itself in fuel savings.






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8 hours ago, Blobby said:

I think Spuds has gone a world tour.. He hasn't posted anything for a while :lol:




Sent him a message the other day, but a quick look at his profile and he's not been on since October!

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