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E60 Aftermarket Speaker Depth! SOLVED

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Ok hopefully just a quick one!


Can anyone confirm the max depth we can use for front door/rear shelf aftermarket 4" speakers ?


Ta in advance!

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Not sure of mounting depths and/or any other physical mounting issues which could present themselves when installing individual locations with after market speakers, but my recommendation to you would be to upgrade the front only first using one of the custom fit and impedance/power/location matched speaker kits  from the likes of MTX, Gladen, Hertz, Focal, Rockford Fosgate, MB Quart, Rainbow and Earthquake etc. They're all guaranteed to fit and are custom designed to make the best of the oem amplifier. 


If you are doing a more traditional audio install and want to use specific types/brands/models of speakers/drivers then you'll need to keep scouring to see if anyone else has done the same and provided fitment details and knowledge, or, you'll need to measure/look at your car and try to find potential speakers from their specifications and try them. 


Cheers, Dennis!

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Thanks for the response Dennis! I'm taking the traditional route, nowt flashy...but enough to hopefully sound nice enough :) 


Just got two sets of 4" inPhase component mids (XTC4CX), but bit unsure they will fit now (they state about 50mm mounting depth). Shelf i 'think' will be fine, but worried about window clearance up front


Need to sort adaptor rings for the door speakers too so hope these dont add much unall


Pending all fits, will slap in a couple of tweeter sets and juice up with 4ch amp + gladen 4ch loom.....sub and amp to then follow in boot.


Should sound ok. Im on the poverty 6spk setup so can only get better :) 

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Thought I’d update this one…got round to completing my little install



So front doors (LCI Doorcards) = Depth Approx 49mm

Front door/mirror area Tweeters = 1” fitted fine







Rear Shelf = Depth Approx 75mm

Rear Shelf Tweeters = loads of room. 1” fitted but needed padding





For the aftermarket 4”, just one tab needs cutting back, two line up fine….one needs modding:


Gladen loom





Used three way components so with front speakers, I disconnected the factory under seat wiring and ran my own wires from crossover (under the door panel) to the under seat subs. Easy enough really, the factory boot inbetween body and car needs to be undone (8mm nut I think it was), carpet area on side foot well lifted and then you have plenty of space to work with and pass straight through. My crossover boxes fit perfect in the door card…but the lids had to be dismissed as depth became too high (not a biggie). To make life easier later when removing door cards, I bought and wired up a few connector blocks for my new speaker wiring from door (tweets, underseats, main feed) to doorcard (mids, crossover box)





All works well and I capped frequency from amp so not to overwork any bass being outputted. Basically now have a 8 speaker setup, decent mids and high ts…and generally more defined bass. At some point will run a proper sub in the boot, but happy enough for now


Potential issue

One thing I have noticed is the warning bongs, parking senor noises etc are all amplified now too. Not ideal this so need to work out if the lvels at all can be adjusted

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Worth updaing that sorted the loud level issue. Had to code the m-ask unit to be 'HIFI', opposed to default 'Stereo' and that chops the output level by about half so lets me let the amp do more work and sounds allot cleaner. The warning bongs etc also needed coding to output at a lower level (theres actually about half a dozen levels to choose from and can be set after main outputs been set). Thats levels sorted!


A new issue however is when i turn gains up high, i geta 'static hiss' sound. This doesnt go up/down with volume, stays constant. No change in sound when driving (alt whine etc)


Have redone grounds/all wiring on amp side and makes no diff. If i unplug rca, static noise goes away...so its a rca loom back problem of sort :( is it possible the head unit neads a better ground? or if it needs a loop back to my amp ground point. bit baffled


Another issue i have notticed that even on full fade to rears...i still have some sound being outputted to front chanels. weird one, although fades always set 50/50 so not noticible


One other thing that bothers me is i unpluged the factory underseat sub, ran a seperate wire to input the subs to me crossovers....but does the underseat oem wiring need a 'loop' or anything now? or is being left unplugged ok like?









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