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New with few questions!

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Nearly a year ago I needed a work horse estate, with my rule of only driving German cars from the 80's / 90's it had to be an e34.


Found a 1995 520i touring in midnight blue with a strong engine and ok body for £800.


Long story short, I've ended up restoring it to look like a 5 year old car rather than a 20 year old spending around £2300 (silly boy) - a bit of a favour on the paint, reconditioned leather interior swap, recon steering box, short shift gearbox, new suspension arms and a load of other small bits means I now have a quite a tidy motor that gets a few looks from those in the know. All mechanical work was done by CPC engineering in Amersham.


However there are niggles and I'd love some advice - which is why I'm here.


I don't want to spend too much money as it's getting silly now but I can't help but like my cars factory fresh.


1. Had the car aligned twice but still fades to the right or left when the steering wheel is straight. I know it's not easy to get right as different parts are in different condition but need someone to sort it!


2. Can you recommend the best tyre choice for 225 60 R15?


3. One window does not open (rear drivers), all the others work like new. Any ideas?!


4. Rear wiper does not work. Guessing that's a problem with the rear loom perhaps or the motor.


5. Every so often the glass opens as I open the main boot. The loom again I guess.


6. Clutch judders when cold. Hope this means it's not on its way out! Works fine once warm.


7. Intermittent squeaky break peddle! Been advised it's the carpet behind the centre consul rubbing on the shaft that's linked to the peddle.


8. Bloody glove box a bit saggy, small issue but annoying!



Any advice on the above would be great, she's not fast, but she's got something about her!














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Welcome to the forum. Most of us here will be able to relate to your "got something about her" comment when it comes to BMWs of a certain age!


You'd be best off posting your queries into the the E34 Technical Section here. 

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Welcome to the forum bud, as Loadmaster already suggested you will get a lot more response in the correct technical section for your 5 series.


There is something special for almost every BMW, that is why we form this love/hate relationship with them (even if it costs us...).


Enjoy it :)

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