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E60 Subwoofer/speaker under driver seat

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Hey guys, 

Im an e60 owner and have a standard radio unit currently, I'm sure you have heard or seen this question before and I will start searching the threads for my answer, I've found a speaker under the driver seat, There is no logic7 and the speaker does work (can feel vibrations) What I wanted advise on is there an onboard amplifier on these vehicles if so where is it located ? and secondly is it "controllable " ? I.e can I increase its power as you would on an aftermarket unit ? I have seen many posts about just changing the whole setup which is probably next step, just don't want to loose any of the features of the current system idrive etc 

thanks guys jon

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If you can feel the vibrations coming from that area with the grille under the front seats, then the speaker is working - it's a 'subwoofer' that's located there. Overall, the sound quality from the E60 audio setups isn't so great and the best and easiest ways to upgrade is to get one of the E60 custom fit and compatible speaker kits. They have much better performing subwoofer drivers for under the front seats and much better Midrange drivers and tweeters. They make the 'best' of the oem amplifier and there's a significant increase in sound quality at usual listening levels and you can also turn them up more with less distortion too. Many E60/1 owners who go this route say it's enough of an improvement for them and don't need anything else. When selling the car, you simply take out the upgrade speakers and pop the oem speakers back in. 


MTX have a kit at around £330 - https://www.talkstuff.net/index.php/index.html/_/features/news/bmw’s-speakers-beaten-by-mtx-offering-r1911 look around and you'll see a discount on that - so around £300 or so. There's similar kits from the likes of Focal, Gladen, MB Quart, Rockford Fostage, Rainbow etc. 


You can, later add a small but decent RMS output amplifier to the oem setup which can then power the upgraded speaker kit with more power and thus, efficiency and they'll play even better. Try the upgrade first and see if it's enough for you, if not, you can add an amp and re-listen. If that's not enough, you can add a more powerful sub bass amplifier and a similar performance 8/10/12 inch sub woofer in the boot for some much more powerful sub bass. 


Cheers, Dennis!

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