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E61 Audio Upgrade

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So as i'm sure many of you find, the base audio on the E60/1 is not to my liking, the low sound stage, muddy vocals ect. So I've started to go about upgrading the audio in my LCI Touring.

I didn't want to go crazy and I don't listen to loud music so just looking for better quality with budget in mind. After reading a number of posts I realized that the UK stereo system is very limited and you really need a processor to get much out of it and without wanting to get additional amps after, the JBL MS-8 was the logical choice. I did know you can re-code the head unit to Hi-Fi which puts out a full signal meaning you don't need a processor but from what I heard, the MS-8 was still a good option and unless you want huge volume, the built in 8 channel amp was also one of the best cost options out there.

For the speakers, I just wanted to upgrade the fronts and was looking for some Focal units and some adapter rings and to keep the under floor mid-base woofers since they aren't apparently too bad however I came across a BNIB set of MB Quart 200.3 components that offer plug and play for the E60 and include replacement mid-bass as well so I could upgrade from the stock 6.5" to 8" so seemed like a no brainer for the price.

I'm also going to be making my own PnP loom so to speak since I will be changing the setup along the way it didn't seem to make sense to buy one


So my system will evolve in this way hopefully:

MB Quart 200.3 install on stock base stereo configuration

MS-8 integration using stock stereo feeds and cable runs

Separate channels for underseat woofers

Re-code headunit to Hi-Fi and re-setup MS-8 to match

Possibly add in a centre speaker for Logic 7.

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So last night I took the first step and installed the MB Quarts into the passenger side. this was definitely not 'plug and play' which was disappointing, but luckily I had all the tools needed to complete to hand.


Firstly I disconnected the battery since I was going to be disconnecting air bags

I then undid all the screws for the door card (pics and details to follow)

I popped off the door card and disconnected all the cables

The speakers cant fit on the door without modification as there is a lip on the metal bracket on the door that interferes with the mounting and the bolts also cant fit on the MB Quarts due to webbing that needs to be cut off (again details and pics to follow)

I then mounted all the remaining components and added soundproofing then added bullet style connectors to the OEM loom

The under floor woofers were simpler as they physically fitted perfectly and the wiring was simple there too.


I'm not going into too much detail right now as without pictures its a bit meaningless but when i do the drivers side I'll take photos and go into more detail.


Frustratingly I've just discovered I didn't set the crossovers correctly so will be taking the door back off to modify


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Sounds interesting. I did think the MB Quarts were Plug and play as its a option I was considering when I had my E60 but decided to go for the Gladen set up myself. would you say you was considering the Focal with adaptors? focal do BMW fit speakers and they are actually plug and play, I have them in my F10 currently


Regarding the Crossovers, I made the same mistake back then, I cabled tied the cross over to the existing wiring, I could have sworn I tighten the cables ties but after putting the door on and a day or two of playing fairly loud music I could hear this rattle in the door, took it off and the cross over was all over the place.


look forward to some pictures.

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