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Any good install guides/vids for adding amp to base F11?

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Yes I think set crossover of rears same as fronts


Tip of the day when doing Subs - slide seat back first and undo front bolts, then slide it forward and undo rear, then tip back. Seat goes up much higher like that. I did it the wrong way round first time and tipped the seat back when it was slid back, which is why I had such a struggle with the woofer covers.


When I redid them to join the 4 wires it was a revelation... would have saved a lot of blood, sweat and tears if I'd done it that way first time


and probably would not have broken the screw...


I found some DSP settings files here: http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=929033 - its for the 120.4 but may work on the D2 - gonna try them out on presets 2-4.

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So I've got everything fitted and all sounding good... but there's a few non-audio issues I've noticed.


1. I just noticed I have lost my HUD - nothing displaying on the screen and the settings greyed out in iDrive. Can someone tell me how the HUD connects to the head unit please? Is it part of the main loom or one of the separate connectors? I guess if a separate connector it could have come loose or got damaged somehow when installing the amp quad lock connector.


2. I have a warning light and I don't know what it is for (see pic) (its not because the door is open, it is on all the time). When door is not open, there is just the orange warning triangle and nothing else.



3. When I unplugged the head unit it lost its time/date settings. And when i unhooked the battery the dash lost it's time and date settings. I have tried setting time and date manually on the head unit but it is not saving. I read the instructions and when setting the minute for example you turn the drive wheel to the right minute and click the wheel to save it - but none of the data I enter is being saved - after entering all the time/date info and then going back out of that setting and back in again, time is back to --:--. And I'm not sure how to set time/date on the dash or link the 2. I tried to set automatically using btw connect but I can't connect to that service yet as have to get vehicle registered in my name with them - I guess it is still in previous owners name.


4 Should my Check Control screen be blank like this? Never clicked on it before installing the audio so no idea what if anything was there before...






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Re the HUD issue - wondering if I'm thinking about it wrong - maybe there is no connection between HUD and head unit - maybe the issue is to do with me disconnecting the battery somehow.


Also When I go to my settings for the Instrument Cluster, everything is unchecked and clicking on items doesn't check (tick) them? Is that normal??



Edit: Started another thread as I think this is more to do with issues related to disconnecting battery than audio specific.

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