Any good install guides/vids for adding amp to base F11?

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Yes I think set crossover of rears same as fronts


Tip of the day when doing Subs - slide seat back first and undo front bolts, then slide it forward and undo rear, then tip back. Seat goes up much higher like that. I did it the wrong way round first time and tipped the seat back when it was slid back, which is why I had such a struggle with the woofer covers.


When I redid them to join the 4 wires it was a revelation... would have saved a lot of blood, sweat and tears if I'd done it that way first time


and probably would not have broken the screw...


I found some DSP settings files here: http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=929033 - its for the 120.4 but may work on the D2 - gonna try them out on presets 2-4.

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