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how do i reset warning light for tyre puncture on I drive?

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Hi Guys

I got a warning message on my i Drive (E60) telling me that one or more of my tyres might be puncured. As it happens i think the pressure on the front tyres was too low, so after adding pressure to all of the tyres, the light still stays on. Do I have to manually reset this warning message? I dont have a manual for my E60 so any help appreciated.


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To do this, you should have the ignition at 2nd click - if the engine is running, it wont allow you to change the setting...

Press the iDrive button down to access the vehicle menu and then select the Vehicle settings menu - The puncture warning is listed as TPA on the top of the screen.

Go into the screen and press the iDrive button down once and it should reset the warning to the current pressure

Hope that helps

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