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B10 4.6 755 moves !!

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As I am unable to drive charming B.10 has sat under its car port since January, not ignored but dusty etc !!

The Audi returned from some work as its the daily tredder re hospital runs etc for the future.

So when the mechanics delivered the Audi I asked for the Alpina to be run around the block.

Careful ignition key activity enabled rotation before firing up on four occasions re oil circulation to valve gear etc.

So gentle start and it ran fine, 10 minute warm up and then out of its prison,

 screens washed off, lights, indicators tested ok, gearbox warmed up and tested re drive, reverse etc.

So off she goes, purring away like the fine car it is - chuffed that careful storage and use just needed good brake discs clean off.


Lovely car now happy as it had a run, promise it a good clean once feeling bit better - still say its best car I have every owned.


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Bet it sounded good as it drove away. I always think it's a shame that those outside the car get the best aural experience.



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B10 sold this week, 10 months with virtually no use is not good

Sad it gone, luckily did not witness its goodbye,

It had 12 months MoT plus full checkover before it was sale concluded.

So, would not have missed the experience of Alpina quality and performance.

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